Just like what happens with copper accessories, bronze also ends up oxidizing and acquiring stains over time. Here we leave you some fast and simple cleaning suggestions.

Before starting cleaning the item, grab a soft lint-free cloth and remove all superficial dirt on the piece, in order to avoid scratches and scrapes. 

1. Regular Cleaning: 

with warm water and neutral detergent, and with the help of a soft lint-free cloth, clean the piece. In the end dry it with another soft cloth;

2. Deep Cleaning: 

in a vessel place a bit of lemon juice and salt. Dip a soft cloth in that mixture and polish the piece. If you prefer, you may apply the salt directly on the lemon halves and polish the piece with it.

In both cleaning types the solution must be applied in circular movements on the piece. Scrub until you have the desired effect. Clean the solution with warm water and a dry cloth. 

3. Embossed Cleaning: 

Soak a suede cloth in hot water with soap and softly clean the piece. To clean any embossing that the piece may have, use a soft tooth brush.  Next you should polish the piece with a dry suede cloth. If the utensil is varnished, you must remove it before cleaning. If you prefer to clean the piece with the varnish, use an appropriate solution for cleaning.