Copper CataplanaThe "Cataplana" is a utensil used for the preparation of traditional foods of south Portugal, specifically Algarve, where they started being manufactured many decades ago by coppersmiths.

The Arab influence of Northern Africa for more than 500 years strongly marked this Portuguese region, leaving clear marks on their handicraft. However, there are no official records of its emergence and creation. It is a sort of pan made of two concave parts, engaged by a hinge, and with two side locks. Raw food is placed inside and slowly cooked at low temperatures.

They are traditionally manufactured in copper and tinned inside, so that heat is spread evenly and food acquires a unique and characteristic taste.

Its functioning is similar to a steam cooker: food is placed raw inside it, the "Cataplana" is closed and whatever's inside is left cooking. This will prevent the loss of aromas, which will give a strong and special taste to the food.

Besides all technical advantages, it also allows a healthy cooking process, without adding any fat, reducing the calories in your dishes.

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