Over time and with air exposure it is natural that your decorative iron objects gain dirt.

Here we leave a step-by-step suggestion on how to clean them:

1. Wet a microfiber cloth in tepid water;

2. Clean the object with that cloth so that all dirt and residues are removed;

3. Mix some dishwashing detergent with 3L of tepid water in a plastic bucket. Shake well to dissolve the detergent;

4. Dampen another microfiber cloth in the solution and pass it on the object in order to remove the remaining dirt;

5. Gently scrub the object with a nylon mop to remove the most persistent goop. Frequently rinse the mop; 

6. Dampen another microfiber cloth in tepid water and clean the object with that cloth o remove any product that may remain in it;

7. Dry the object with a Turkish cloth (highly absorbent) until there is no humidity left.