Copper, at room temperature, is found in solid state. It is a pure and natural material, with a high degree of hardness, malleability and resistance to corrosion, giving it great durability and functionality. Manufacturing

All these characteristics, together with its attractive color, make it the material of choice of our artisans, which work the copper sheets in order to manufacture beautiful decorative pieces and kitchen utensils. For that they use manual tools and bending and molding machinery. 

Bronze, on the other hand, is a homogeneous metallic alloy, result of the mixture of copper with brass. It is an almost golden colored metal and it presents great malleability. It is worked in the same way as copper. 

The art of working copper and bronze is not something you can learn in school or on the internet. Our artisans have learned the craft with their ancestors, having gone through a large learning period that demanded a continuous perfecting of their technique. To this man a great manual expertise is required, so that they can manufacture the decorative pieces with all necessary details. 

In a very lay and brief way, we leave here an idea of how our pieces are made:

  • First, copper sheets are measured, marked and cut so that next they can be shaped and hammered in the desired shape;
  • In case these are pieces that will suffer an oxidation or aging process, first they are submitted to the chosen process before being soldered. In case they are simple pieces, in this phase their unions are soldered;
  • The pieces with embossing are now hammered until they have the desired form;
  • Copper is burned and washed with water afterwards;
  • This process is repeated with all parts of the piece and in the end they are soldered, originating the final piece;
  • There are some products made of one single piece, in a machine with mold, which are not subjected to welding.

Certain utensils are tinned on the inside. You can read how that process is made here.