Copper and bronze oxidation

In order to decorative pieces acquire a darker and uniform color, our artisans use potassium sulphide stones.

These are placed in large containers, filled with cold water, until they dissolve and make the water yellow. Separately, a neutralizing bath is prepared, composed by hot water and sodium bicarbonate.

The pieces are quickly dipped into the yellow water and then in the neutralizing bath.

While the pieces rest in the neutralizing bath, it is verified if their color is according with the desired. In case it isn't the process is repeated.

When the ideal color is achieved, the pieces are left to rest in the neutralizing bath until the water cools. 

Aging of copper

In order to give an old look to the decorative pieces, our artisans use heat.

With a blowtorch, the pieces are burnt until they acquired the desired color.

However, pieces can't be aged after being welded: first they must be burned with the blowtorch and only then soldered.

There are 2 types of aging:

  • Italian Tone: uniform aging; the pieces are slowly and carefully burnt so that there are no spots;
  • Annealed: pieces are heated until they turn red due to the heat. Next, they are hammered and placed inside cold water in order to cool down.