Roast Pork

For this recipe you will need:


Roast Pork Pot    

Ø 22 Cm Roast Pork Pot

Ø 32 Cm Saucepan



1 Kg of boneless pork leg, with fat

0.5 Kg of floured gut

250 Gr of pork caul

Potatoes cut in cubes

1 jar of pork lard

1/4 L of white wine

1 minced garlic

Laurel leaves


1/2 Onion

Cummins and sweet red pepper

Salt & Pepper


Cut the pork's leg in big chunks, all of them with fat.

Make a marinade with the garlic, the sweet red pepper, the pepper, the salt, the laurel and the wine. Pour over the meat and leave until next day.

In a copper pan melt the lard and let the pork's meat brown evenly. Pour the marinade inside and let braise, slowly.

Add the onions cut in thin slices and a little cumin. Aside, place some lard on the fire and fry the guts, the pork caul and next the potatoes.

After the pork's meat is browned, add the remaining ingredients and cook for a few minutes.

Serve with white rice.