Frequently ask questions

1. Is it safe to cook in copper cookware?
Yes, it is safe for you to cook in copper cookware, unless you are cooking acidic foods. In that case you must use a tinned utensil.
2. Is it safe to leave food inside my copper cookware?
No. You must remove food from your copper utensils after you finish cooking, since copper can release toxic substances into food.
3. Do I need to remove the varnish before using my copper kitchenware?
Yes, you must remove all varnish before using your copper kitchenware. Please follow our instructions.
4. Do I need to make a first cleaning before using my copper kitchenware?
Yes. Before using your copper cookware for the first time, boil a large amount of water and wash the utensil with it, in order to remove any impurities.
5. How do I clean my copper kitchenware after using?
After using your copper kitchenware, fill it with hot water and soap, so that food scraps soften. You can read more about this subject in the cleaning and maintenance section.
6. Can I use dishwashing detergent to clean my copper kitchenware?
Yes, you can wash your copper kitchenware with dishwashing detergent.
7. Can I use a scouring pad to clean my copper kitchenware?
No, you should never use a scouring pad or any other material that can scratch copper.
Simply fill the utensil with warm water and soap after using and let it rest for a while.
Then you will easily be able to remove any food that may be attached to it with a soft sponge.
8. Can I wash my copper cookware in the dishwasher?
Yes, you can wash you copper cookware in the dishwasher.
9. Can I use my copper cookware in induction hobs?
No. Copper is a non-ferrous, non-magnetic based material, so it will be difficult to heat. Also, you may damage the induction hob and/or the copper utensil. If you want to use your copper cookware in an induction hob you must get a cast iron plate and place it between the heating surface and the cookware.
10. Can I use stainless steel/other metal cutlery to stir the food inside my copper utensils?
We do not recommend the use of metal cutlery to stir the food inside copper/tinned cookware. It will make scratches, damaging your utensil. Always use plastic or wooden cutlery.
11. Why do you tin some of your copper cookware?

Since some foods are acidic and can react with copper or even corrode it, we decided to tin some of our cookware.
This way you will be able to cook acid food without having to worry about your health and you can leave food inside it for a while after you cook it, contrarily to what happens with copper utensils.

Also, tin is the closest metal to match copper in thermal conductivity, so your tinned cookware will heat up very quickly. But bear in mind that tin melts at 231ºC, so you should never use strong fire for long periods of time.

12. Is it safe to leave food inside my tinned cookware?
Yes, it is safe to leave food inside your tinned cookware, for a few hours after cooking.
13. How long does the tinning last?
That will depend on how you take care of it and on the frequency of use. With domestic use it can last 10 years or more.
14. How do I clean my tinned cookware?
In order to preserve the tinning, you must use a soft cloth or a sponge, always avoiding abrasive cleaning products. Read more about the subject on the cleaning and maintenance section.
15. What type of maintenance does copper kitchenware require?
With time and with the heat of the stove, it is natural that copper gains stains. All you have to do is follow our cleaning suggestions.
16. Will my copper cookware tarnish over time?
The exterior of your copper cookware may oxidize over time. All you need to do in order to maintain its shine is use a specific copper cleaner.
17. How do I clean my varnished decorative copper pieces?
You can clean your varnished decorative copper pieces with a soft cloth.
18. How do I clean my bronze decorative pieces?
In order to clean your bronze decorative pieces, you should always use a soft cloth and follow our cleaning procedures.
19. How do I clean my iron decorative pieces?
You can clean your iron decorative pieces using a microfiber cloth, dishwashing detergent and warm water, following the steps we present in the cleaning and maintenance section.
20. How do I clean my brass decorative pieces?
In order to clean your brass decorative pieces you will need salt, flour and vinegar. In order to know how to proceed read our cleaning suggestions.
21. Do your products come with a guarantee?
All our products come with a guarantee, generally for a period of two years. Our guarantee does not cover improper use of the products or products that have been modified. For more information please consult Terms and Conditions.
22. Do you accept returns?
We want our clients to be fully satisfied with their purchase. To that end, we allow a 7 day period after receiving your order, to return it accompanied with the respective invoice. The client will be responsible for the return shipping and an additional 15% charge for restocking. For more information please consult Terms and Conditions.
23. Is there a minimum value for placing an order?
You may be pleased to know we do not have a minimum charge. We respond to all requests regardless of their value.
24. What advantages do I have in registering?
By registering you make yourself eligible for future discounts and promotions which may be communicated to you by means of our future newsletter.
25. How do I place my order?

On the following sequence of images the hand will direct your steps while ordering on our website.

1. Log into our online shop, first time buyers should register first.

2. The more information you furnish when registering, the better quality of service we will be able to provide you with in future.
Your personal information is safeguarded and is never given out in accordance with our Privacy Policy.
Once you have completed the online registration click on the "Submit & Continue" button.

3. You are now logged into our online shop, your name should appear on the welcome box on the top right hand corner.
Select the currency you would like for pricing of items from the left hand column.

4. Products are arranged according to category. Select any category.

5. The "Add to Cart" button will add the item to your shopping basket. Click on the "More" button to view product details.

6. This is the product information page.
You may also view specifications or additional accessories by selecting the appropriate tab.

7. Click the "Add to Cart" link at the right side of the product info page.

8. You will notice that your item has been added to your shopping basket.

9. To checkout click the "Cart" link on the top of the website.

10. These are the current items in your shopping basket.
Clicking on the bin to the right of the item removes item from shopping basket.
Voucher code may be added on this page.
Click "Next" to checkout.

11. Fill in the correct details for the delivery address.
Other options include "Update address"; "Add a New Address" & "Write a commentary".

12. Once you have completed filling in the delivery address details click "Continue".

13. Shipping costs will be automatically calculated based on gross shipping volume and delivery address.
European Union clients will be liable for tax (VAT), other international clients are exempt.
Accept the Terms of Service and click "Continue".

14. Select the preferred payment method.
Payments by credit card are transferred to, our secure online payment service.
Payments are made through Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), the best available encryption for online transactions.

15. Select the Bank Transfer Option.
The bank transfer option is based on the currency you selected initially and will display either Bank Transfer in Dollars or Euros.
Click the "Continue" button for bank transfer details.

16. Our banking account details will appear on this page - not visible for this demo.
A print this page dialog box will also appear so you may print our banking details and keep them at hand.
Do not forget to click "I Confirm My Order" to conclude your order.

17. This confirmation screen concludes the online order for bank transfer payment.
Remember to email us confirming the transfer of funds into our bank account, after confirmation you order will be processed immediately.
Worldwide shipments are usually delivered within a week of payment confirmation.

18. Select the Western Union Option.
Our western union details will apear on the next page - not visible for this demo.
Do not forget to click "I Confirm My Order" to conclude your order.

26. Will I have to pay Value Added Tax over and above the listed prices?

All residents within the European Union must pay VAT. During the checkout procedure it is determined whether you are liable for VAT based on the delivery address you submit. All orders delivered outside the European Union are VAT free.

The VAT rate in Portugal is 23%.

Registered companies or taxable entities in the European Union are exempt from VAT when goods are dispatched if they are able to provide a VAT number validates on the VIES database:

In this case VAT due on the transaction will be payable on acquisition of the goods by the buyer where the goods arrive. This is known as "intra-Community acquisition". In this instance the buyer accounts for any VAT due in their normal VAT return (document declaring liability for taxation submitted to local taxation authority) at the rate in force in their Country.

If you have submitted a valid VAT number and chose to pay by credit card – PayPal or 2Co, you have to make full payment of goods first, including VAT. Once we have verified that your VAT number is valid, we will grant you a full refund for the total VAT value paid.

If you chose to pay by wire transfer, please wait for our confirmation before effecting payment without VAT.

27. Can I visit you in Portugal?
Yes, please let us know 24 hours in advance so that we can confirm if we have the products in immediate stock. Any purchases made directly at our office must be paid in Cash and VAT will be charged.
28. What payment options do you have?
We accept bank transfers, Western Union and PayPal. For more information please consult Terms and Conditions.
29. Which currencies do you accept?
By default our pricing is in Euros but customer may select currency of choice. Bank transfers are also accepted in Euros or U.S. Dollars. Official conversion rates from the European Central Bank are considered at the time of order placement for pricing in U.S. Dollars.
30. Which countries do you ship to?
Generally, our company ships to all countries all over the world via courier companies. However this service does not include all countries. If you do not find your country listed when concluding your online purchase please e-mail us and we will try to find some other means of transport for your merchandise.
31. Have you experienced any shipping restrictions?
As to date we have not experienced any restrictions whatsoever, be they customs or any other nature.
32. What is the procedure when there are customs restrictions for importation?
If customs restrictions for importing do not allow importation of items, FedEx/UPS will inform us and these items will be returned. Then, the client will be reimbursed for the cost of the item excluding shipping costs. It is the client's responsibility to find out which customs restrictions apply in their country. For more information please consult Terms and Conditions.
33. What is the delivery period for your products?

The delivery period varies between 2 days (Europe), 3 days (United States) to 7 days (New Zealand) depending on the destination. However we would like to remind you that items are only dispatched once payment is effected, in the case of a bank transfer once the deposit of funds is confirmed, For credit cards items are dispatched immediately.

Our company mainly uses UPS express saver/FedEx International Priority Shipping services which have a tracking system to enable our clients to track their order online. For more information please consult Terms and Conditions. Please note: If you would like to know the delivery period to your country please consult the official FedEx website /UPS website.

34. Shipping Charges?

Please bear in mind that this shipping calculator displays shipping costs per item only and not combined shipping. If you are making multiple purchases, discounted combined shipping costs are applied, when you checkout, In the total volumetric weight of your order.

Our rates are for International Priority or Economy service. These services may cost slightly more but are well worth the price as items are fully insured against non-delivery or damage to goods in transit – damage or non-delivery are extremely rare. Your order may be tracked online at all times from the time of departure to arrival at destination.

FedEx/UPS will automatically notify you via e-mail when your order ships and provide a tracking number of the package(s) in the message. We want to offer our customers the best high quality service and any carrier we may use will have to conform to these standards. We have found that by using the above mentioned services, our shipping issues have been minimal and we will continue to use these services for as long as these standards are maintained. International orders are usually delivered within a week after payment confirmation.

35. What about customs duties or import taxes?
If you are not a resident of the European Union you may be liable for customs or import tax in your country for goods exceeding a certain value, e.g. Goods with a value greater than $.1000 (Australian Dollars) may be liable for import tax in Australia. Rates are very much dependent on the law and its application in your country or state. It is the client’s responsibility to be informed of the laws that apply in his own country or state.
36. Can you ship by regular mail?
Non fragile items that are stated on our website as items posted by mail will be sent this way, but we cannot send fragile copper items in the mail and risk damage or loss. Our shipping companies provide tracking numbers and insurance in case anything goes wrong. Items sent by mail are dispatched on Fridays.
37. What is your company’s responsibility?
On placing your order items are prepared for dispatch immediately. It is our responsibility to ensure that items are in a good condition and packed carefully before shipping. If any customs restrictions prohibit the entry of these items into the country the procedure is as stated above. If the item is lost during shipping we immediately fill out a claim form and once it is approved by our carrier (FedEx/UPS) a replacement item is dispatched immediately or alternatively the costumer is reimbursed for total cost.
38. Did you have problems upon arrival of the package or were there any damaged items during transport?
If this was the case, please fill out this complaint form. We will submit a claim to the shipping company with your cooperation, more details will be available when you click on the link and fill in the form.
39. Shipping Policy?

Please read carefully our equipment's shipping policy.

While being packaged, all our products are submitted to a rigorous quality inspection in order to make sure everything is in proper conditions.

All our shipped orders are insured; however if something unfortunate happens, there are a few steps you must follow in order to help us make sure that the insurance can be activated.

When your package is being handed over to you by the courier company, there are multiple situations that can happen, so you must be prepared to properly deal with them:


Situation A: The package looks somehow damaged or perforated.

What should I do in this situation? You must refuse this order. It will be shipped back to us and once we receive it, a new one will be shipped to you.

Attention: If you accept a damaged package we will not be held accountable and the insurance will no longer be valid. It will be your own responsibility!



Situation B: The package looks good on the outside however, after signing the air waybill and in the presence of the courier, you must open the package and verify if the internal content is ok. If you notice that one or more pieces are damaged due to rough handling during transportation:

What should I do in this situation? Make sure that you or the courier write in the air waybill that there was damaged content inside due to rough handling during transportation. Keep the package until the claim is resolved. Next step, send to this link, good quality pictures of the damaged content, and the package (outside and internal "peanuts" and wrapped pieces) so that we can activate the insurance.

In case the carrier agent refuses to wait for the customer to unpackage the goods, the customer should state on the Air Way Bill "Package and contents yet to be inspected".

Attention: IWe will reject complaints without good quality pictures, which clearly highlight the defect of the item.



Situation C: The package appears to have been somehow violated.

What should I do in this situation? If there is a customs stamp on the package, it means that it was opened for inspection, which can sometimes occur. If there is no stamp on the package, it may have been opened during transportation. In both cases, after signing the air waybill, and in the presence of the courier, you must open the package and verify if there are any pieces missing. If that's the case, accept the order but write in the air waybill "missing pieces due to package violation: piece x, piece y…". Send us good quality pictures of the violated package, of the internal peanuts, and of the items you have received inside the box. Insurance will be activated and the missing items shipped to you.

In case the carrier agent refuses to wait for the customer to unpackage the goods, the customer should state on the Air Way Bill "Package and contents yet to be inspected".

Attention: If you do not verify the internal content in the presence of the courier and write down the problems on the air waybill, we will not be held responsible and the insurance will not be activated.